Breakfast in Paris, Lunch in Brussels, and Dinner back in London

Category : Sustainability

Author: Kartik Krishnan

As part of my work with Balata Data, a company that deeply values sustainability, I recently had the opportunity to embark on a whirlwind business trip across Europe. The mission? Meeting with clients in three different countries: France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. However, this wasn’t just any ordinary business trip. It was a testament to Balata’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly practices.

My journey began with an early morning departure from Paris, where I indulged in a delightful breakfast of freshly baked vegan croissants and a steaming cup of rich, aromatic coffee. As the City of Light slowly awoke, I made my way to the train station, opting for the efficient and environmentally conscious mode of rail transportation.

Within a matter of hours, I found myself in the heart of Brussels, where I savoured a hearty Belgian lunch accompanied by a refreshing alcohol free local beer. The city’s architecture and charm provided a delightful backdrop as I discussed business matters with our esteemed clients.

But the adventure didn’t end there. With the sun setting over the Belgian capital, I boarded the iconic Eurostar train, bound for the bustling streets of London. As the train glided smoothly through the Channel Tunnel, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in choosing this eco-friendly mode of transportation, contributing to a greener future with every mile traveled.

Upon arriving in London, I was greeted by the city’s iconic landmarks and a wealth of culinary delights. A sumptuous dinner back home was the perfect way to cap off this extraordinary day, filled with productive meetings and a deep appreciation for the beauty of our planet.

Throughout this whirlwind journey that I undertook on behalf of Balata Data to meet our amazing clients, it remained true to its core values of sustainability. Not only did we minimize our carbon footprint by opting for trains and public transportation, but we also went a step further. In collaboration with, Balata plants trees on behalf of our clients, offsetting the emissions generated during this trip and contributing to a healthier, greener world.

At Balata Data, we are committed to sustainability. It’s not just a buzzword or a passing trend; it’s a way of life. We firmly believe that every small action counts, and by making conscious choices, we can create a ripple effect that inspires others to join us in this crucial endeavour.

So, as I reflect on my recent trip, I’m reminded of the responsibility we hold as individuals and as a company to shape a better tomorrow. Whether it’s choosing eco-friendly modes of transportation, implementing sustainable practices within our operations, or proving a sustainable solution around your datacentre needs, we are dedicated to leading by example and paving the way for a greener future.