Comparing Third Party Maintenance to OEM Support in Data Centers

Category : Maintenance

Author: Jordan Stollar

Let’s take a look at Balata Data’s third-party maintenance vs OEM support and see if we can identify some pro’s and con’s to help address one of the most overlooked, most powerful strategies when it comes to data center management.
To kick things off, lets get a couple definitions squared away.

OEM Maintenance:

When an organization buys new hardware products like servers, storage, and networking gear, the manufacturer typically provides an initial period of support and maintenance during a 1-3 year period. After that warranty expires, the OEM typically offers extended support at an additional cost, with diminishing support quality as devices approach the end of the predetermined life cycle that the OEM has decided to impose.

Third Party Maintenance:

Third Party Maintenance is support provided by an independent party, aside from the OEM. It’s that simple. Typically, Third Party Maintenance offers improved quality and a solution designed to best fit the needs of a customer, rather than pushing them into an out of the box solution. Let’s compare.

Cost Savings: A Win-Win Deal!

Who doesn’t love saving money? With third-party maintenance, you’ll experience cost savings that will make your budget smile. TPM contracts are wallet-friendly compared to traditional OEM support, freeing up resources for other essential endeavors.

Flexibility That Fits Your Unique Needs

We all love personalized service, right? TPM providers are all about understanding your data center’s individual requirements. They’ll craft tailor-made agreements to fit your specific infrastructure, giving you the freedom to choose the support that works best for you.

Swift Solutions, Minimal Downtime

Time is precious, especially in the world of data centers. When an issue arises, you need quick, reliable support. With nimble and attentive TPM teams, you’ll experience lightning-fast response times, leading to faster issue resolution and keeping downtime to a bare minimum.

The Gift of Extended Equipment Life

Let’s make the most of what we have! TPM providers work magic by supporting your equipment well beyond the OEM’s end-of-life cycle. It’s like giving your hardware a new lease on life, squeezing out every last drop of value from your investments.

Final Thoughts:

Ready to elevate your data center game? Embrace the wonderful world of third-party maintenance! With TPM, you’ll be on the path to success, enjoying cost savings, personalized support, lightning-fast responses, and extended equipment life. Let’s make your data center thrive and conquer the tech world with confidence and a smile!