Balata Data maximizes your return on decommissioned equipment with our safe and secure ITAD services.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Balata’s Information Technology Asset Disposition responsibly disposes or repurposes used or end-of-life electronic devices and equipment. Balata Data provides full white glove services from beginning onsite decommissioning to finalized reports and top dollar buyback for your hardware. Partner with Balata Data for a seamless and secure step-by-step process to decommission your infrastructure.

ITAD Core Values

Balata Data removal services adhere to the highest industry standards for all of your ITAD needs


Responsibility: Ensuring that all disposals are done in an environmentally responsible way, with a focus on minimizing waste and protecting the planet.
Data security: Properly handling data security and privacy during the disposal process to protect customer information. Provide serialized certificates of erasure and destruction onsite.
Quality: Ensuring that all disposals are done with high quality standards, including thorough testing and inspection of equipment so we receive top dollar buyback value.
Customer service: Providing excellent customer service and support, including transparent communication and clear documentation.

Sustainability: Promoting sustainability by finding ways to reuse and repurpose equipment rather than simply disposing of it.

Compliance: Adhering to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.  R2 or e-stewards standards for all ITAD recycling.  

Innovation: Staying up-to-date with new technologies and approaches to ITAD, and finding ways to continually improve processes and services.

How Our ITAD Process Works:


Fill out Balata ITAD questionnaire> receive quote back within 24 hours


Confirm project by sending a PO for the white glove services


Names of the team provided 24 hours in advance for clearance


Our professional white glove team arrives onsite to decommission equipment and provide any onsite services in the SOW


Equipment is securely shipped to our closet regional facility with gps tracking if required


Equipment is immediately placed in quarantine cage until all data is securely erased or destroyed


Full reporting with audit, serialized erasure and destruction reports, and closeout with buyback value within 30 business days domestically and 60 business days internationally


PO sent by customer for the erasure and destruction services


Balata provides PO for the buyback value.

Key Features of ITAD

Balata’s Information Technology Asset Disposition responsibly disposes or repurposes used or end-of-life electronic devices and equipment. Here are five key reasons to do this:

Data security: One of the primary concerns with ITAD is ensuring that sensitive data is securely erased or destroyed before the equipment is disposed of. This may involve physically destroying hard drives or using specialized software to erase data.

Compliance: ITAD processes must comply with various laws and regulations regarding the disposal of electronic equipment, such as R2 or e-stewards standards .

Asset recovery:  Balata’s Information Technology Asset Disposition also offers asset recovery services, where we attempt to resell or repurpose the equipment that is being disposed of. This can help to offset the cost of ITAD and reduce waste.

Recycling: ITAD often involves recycling electronic equipment to reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills. This may involve breaking down the equipment into component parts and recycling them separately.

Reporting: We provide detailed reports outlining the equipment that was disposed of and the methods used to erase or destroy data. This can be important for regulatory compliance and for demonstrating due diligence in data security.


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