Balata Reassurance

Our pledge is a 10-point Balata One™ Inspection

Our Quality Pledge

10-point Balata One™ Inspection

Audit and inspection – Hardware is inspected when it arrives to confirm the part number, revision level, and cosmetic condition.  

Initial Testing – Full test and boot up using the OEM’s recommended diagnostics steps.

Integration testing – Our engineers replace any non-working parts and upgrade the system to the current revision levels.

Inbound Full Test – Full diagnostics testing with all integrated parts fully configured to confirm all parts are compatible with one another.

Inventor steps – All major components and the chassis are identified by the manufacturer’s part number and serial number and stored in a climate-controlled warehouse facility.

Outgoing inspection – all parts are inspected on the way out to confirm no additional damage during storage.

Configuration – All orders are custom configured to the specifications requested by the customer.

Outgoing Full Test – Full diagnostic test of customer requested configuration.

Quality Check – All orders are rechecked for completeness to make sure all orders match the customer’s PO.

Pack and Ship – All orders are professionally packed to insure against damage and all shipping arrange to ship on the service requested by the customer’s PO.


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    From recycling, preserving assets, redeployments, refurbishing, to carbon neutrality. Staying environmentally consciousness & compliant in everything we do. Balata is committed to doing its part.

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