Certified Refurbished Hardware

The discount of refurbished equipment with our Balata Data Guarantee.

We Sell These Industry Leading OEMS:

Certified Refurbished Hardware

Go Further with your IT infrastrucutre budget by leveraging Balata Data’s certified refurb custom configurations. Balata can provide fully configured, tested, and ready to ship servers, storage, and networking as fast as 24-48 hours. The Balata Warranty provides our 90 day standard warranty. You can rest assured all equipment has been fully tested and configured and passed our 10 point quality inspection check.



Fully optimize your server infrastructure by leveraging the multi vendor options from Balata Data’s server inventory.  We are hardware agnostic and will act as your unbiased partner to provide the best solution for your infrastructure.  We will recommend, provide, install, and maintain your server environment.  We have 2o million in inventory to match the best solution to your infrastructure needs.  We typically save customers up to 80% on their infrastructure spend versus normal distrabution.  Balata provides HPE, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Sun/Oracle, and Supermicro servers.  Customers can rest assured with our  Balata Data guarantee that all hardwware is full tested by our certified engineers and passed our 10 point quality inspection check before it ships.   


Go Further with your IT Storage by partnering with Balata Data for your SAN, NAS, and Direct attached storage needs. We provide storage options from major OEMS including EMC, NETAPP, IBM, HITACHI, and BROCADE. We provide full configurations as well as disk upgrades, hba’s, switches, expansions, and tranceivers to upgrade your existing infrastructure. We design, supply, install and maintain your storage environment.

Our Balata Backup solution upgrades customers from tape backup to disk backup. Our solutions provide a more reliable, easier to manage and continuous backup by leveraging Veeam and Balata appliances backing up to the cloud or a location of your choice. Your Balata consultant will customize your solution to fit your backup needs. We provide fully tested, configured and warranty-guaranteed hardware to support your evolving DR needs.


Extend your network budget by allowing Balata Data to provide certified pre-owned and refurbished routers and switches. Balata provides professional services to design, ship, install, and maintain your network hardware. We provide all of the major network OEM’s including CISCO, JUNIPER HP, IBM, DELL, and BROCADE. Balata saves customers up to 80% on full configs or upgrades parts. We supply fully tested and certified OEM branded and 3rd party sfp and tranceviers that you can use in your network to add additional cost savings.



    is Our Mission

    From recycling, preserving assets, redeployments, refurbishing, to carbon neutrality. Staying environmentally consciousness & compliant in everything we do. Balata is committed to doing its part.

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