25+ Year of Experience in Making

Maintenance Platform

System Monitoring

Al Powered Support System

Systems Management

L4 Engineering

OEM Level Troubleshooting

Advanced Ticketing Platform

Certified OEM Parts

Warranty Facilitation

Dedicated Engineering Team

Advantages of Balata One™

Instantaneous ticketing from the moment an incident occurs; resolution in motion.

Intelligent filtering to understand critical events.

Reduce SLA and prevent cascading events.

Reduce number of incidents.

Track operating systems & application issues.

Proactive vs reactive solution and monitoring

View storage growth trends; forecasts capacity levels.

Agent-less monitoring options.

Standard TPM vs Balata One

Standerd TPM
Flexible SLAs
Hardware Replacement
FE Deployment
Advanced Triage
Level 4 Engineer
OS & Application Management
Performance Monitoring & Capacity Planning
Locally Stocked Parts
Flexible Coverage Terms
Quarterly Health Checks

AI Support With the Human Touch

System Monitoring

Alert is Generated

Al Powered Support Diagnosis Issue

Level 4 Engineer Confirmation

Parts Confirmed & Logistics

Balata First Responder

Engineer & Parts Onsite

Balata First Responder reaches out to confirm issue & schedule onsite replacement

Flexible Service Levels

Each contract can be tailored to best for the customers needs. Short and long-term options are available with the option to add or remove equipment at any time.

24x7x4 Onsite Support

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Help Desk
  • Online Portal & Asset Management Tool
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Field engineer onsite and dispatched on-site within 4 hours with parts
9x5xNBD Onsite Support
  • 9:00am – 5:00pm (local time), Monday – Friday
  • Help Desk
  • Online Portal & Asset Management Tool
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Field engineer onsite and dispatched on-site next-business day with the appropriate part if required
Next Day Remote & Parts Only
  • 9:00am – 5:00 (local time), Monday – Friday
  • Online Portal & Asset Management Tool
  • Next-business day parts shipped
  • No Field Engineer Onsite

Key Support Features

  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Average 15-Minute Engineer Callback
  • 98% First Trip Fix Success
  • Software Technical Support

AI Powered Support

While there will always be a personal touch on maintenance, Balata leverages innovation to maximize support effectiveness. Our AI powered software will detect and predict future failure probabilities, automatically syncing and assigning the correct engineering teams to prioritizing mission critical support cases. Balata One eliminates the guess work for parts planning, engineering hours and failure rates so customers can receive quick pricing and optimize their budget with larger costs savings.

Leveraging Life-Cycle Services in Maintenance

Once support has ended or Balata supported gear is no longer need, Balata enables you to tap into the full life-cycle management of those assets by keep everything under one roof, through one vendor. From offering data erasure or destruction services for active failed parts under contract to fully decommissioning assets once they’re retired, Balata works with you to tailor each contract to make sure your equipped to meet the customers needs.