Why You Need Server Maintenance

If you’re running a business without server maintenance services, you could be leaving your most valuable assets at risk. Ongoing maintenance across your server, storage, and network ensures proper functionality and avoids downtime or data loss. Regular, routine maintenance also helps keep the server running smoothly and avoids any outages or a total network failure.

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your business, here’s what to know about maintenance.

Why Do Businesses Need Server Maintenance?

Without server maintenance, your company could experience unexpected data loss and downtime. Depending on the issue, the fallout could be catastrophic and keep your business from serving clients, making sales, and fulfilling orders.

Research shows that small enterprises lost an average of $55,000 in revenue due to IT failures each year. Midsize companies lost over $91,000 and large companies saw over $1,000,000 in loss revenue. Beyond security issues and loss of revenue, server maintenance also helps deliver and store data across your network’s workstations as efficiently as possible.

Server Maintenance

We offer efficient server maintenance services that keeps your business organized, secure, and running smoothly. Balata One™ provides support for vendors from HPE to Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Sun/Oracle, and Supermicro. Whatever hardware and brand you choose to use, we’re here to help find and support a solution for all of your infrastructure needs.

Storage Maintenance

Balata One™ is home to one of the industry’s most robust storage maintenance programs that can handle even the most complex issues. Most of our Level 3 and 4 engineers refined their skills for decades with hundreds of certifications combined.

Beyond credentials, our team has also assisted in the manual creation of the most advanced platforms in the world. From maintenance to troubleshooting, our team literally wrote the book on how to keep your platforms rigorously secure.

Network Maintenance

We’re not a passive company waiting for something to go wrong. Our proactive approach to server maintenance services includes regular inspections, testing, and updates to ensure everything is working correctly and as securely as possible. Our maintenance includes:

  • Patching security vulnerabilities
  • Updating your software and firmware
  • Testing your overall network performance
  • Checking and fixing network errors

Flexible Service Levels

Your business and individual maintenance needs are unique, and so are our services. We offer flexible support solutions to help diagnose your maintenance issues remotely and find solutions to help your business continue working as efficiently as possible. Whether you need around-the-clock support with onsite engineers dispatched within hours or a next-day remote and parts service, we’re here to help meet your needs.

Key Support Features

Your server maintenance services should come with the vital support features you need to succeed. With over twenty years of experience, Balata One™ provides the technical software support you need with Cisco CCIE on standby. We offer a 98% first-trip fix success and an average 15-minute engineer callback time. If you need support during business hours, we also provide a 9 to 5 support service with remote diagnostics and field engineers ready to dispatch the next business day with any appropriate parts.

Above all else, our key support features are solutions-focused. Our team is here to help prevent and solve problems with a proactive approach to maintenance.

Server Maintenance Services Next Steps

Are you ready to keep your company running smoothly and protect your most valuable assets? Balata One™ offers server maintenance services from leading experts in the industry with a proactive approach to helping protect and maintain your network. Contact us today to discuss your server maintenance needs.