Protecting the Backbone of Your Data Center Hardware

In today’s digital world, data is almost like a form of currency and requires the right infrastructure and protection in place. Yet as your digital content continues to grow, so does your need for cloud-based services and big data support. Any business that’s reliant on processing sensitive information needs a dedicated data center, complete with the proper hardware, to serve as the backbone of your infrastructure.

Your Data Center Hardware is made up of all of the physical equipment and components necessary to keep your data center functioning and in good working order. You should have a combination of servers, storage devices, networking equipment, power, cooling systems, and other infrastructure components in place to ensure optimal productivity. Having a team in place that can oversee your hardware and infrastructure needs is also vital to protect your uptime and operations.

Not sure what you need to help your business thrive? Here’s a closer look at the different types of Data Center Hardware and their role in a data center.


Think of your servers as workhorses of your data center. At their core, servers are just small machines that run, store, and process all of your necessary applications you need in your business. Servers also come in different sizes, from high-density computing to rack-mount options that offer more flexibility as your business continues to evolve.

The expert technicians at Balata One™ can help choose the best data center hardware for your business and consider all of the appropriate processing power, memory capacity, storage capacity, and scalability you need to thrive. You should also consider the workload you’re dealing with, availability of your IT team, and the types of applications used.

For example, high-performance computing (HPC) workloads require specialized servers to handle the demands of parallel processing and ever-growing data sets. However, virtualization workloads require servers with a high capacity for memory and storage. Instead of relying on your IT team, Balata One™ takes a proactive, dedicated approach to protecting and repairing your servers and other hardware.

Storage Devices

Storage devices are among the most critical components of your data center. They’re vital in storing massive amounts of data generated and processed by your business’ data center. Balata One™ helps you identify the best storage for your needs, including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and storage area networks (SANs).

Before choosing storage devices for your data center, you also need to consider the capacity and performance you need now and a few months down the road. You may need fast access to your most frequently used data sets with the help of an SSDs or a hybrid storage solution that combines HDDs and SSDs.

Networking Equipment

Your data won’t do much without the right networking equipment that’s essential for connecting servers and storage devices in your data center. Our team may recommend new or refurbished switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers that meet your data center hardware needs and budget. Your networking equipment is also responsible for routing data between different parts of the data center and providing connectivity to external networks, making it more necessary than ever to leverage ongoing monitoring and maintenance solutions.

Our team helps identify, install, monitor, and repair the best networking equipment for your data center. Depending on your bandwidth, latency, and reliability needs, you may also need to factor in high-speed interconnects to help real-time applications stay running.

Power and Cooling Systems

Power and cooling systems are both critical components of your business’s data center. They’re ultimately responsible for keeping the servers and other hardware components running at optimal temperatures while ensuring sufficient power to run the rest of your data center. Without a reliable power and cooling system, your hardware could overheat or power down the rest of your center completely, leaving your data vulnerable.

Get Data Center Hardware Support

When you’re ready to safeguard your business, you need data center hardware support. Balata One™ offers server support and monitoring services from leading experts in the industry. We take a proactive approach to help protect and consistently maintain your network to help optimize your uptime and budget. Contact us today to discuss your needs.