Data Center Hardware

Do you need help protecting your Data Center Hardware? As the home to all of your physical computing components in your data center, your hardware requires proactive monitoring to ensure it carries out its core tasks and protects it from vulnerabilities or damage. Learn more about your Data Center Hardware and why ensuring its functionality and safety is critical.

Why Are Data Centers So Important?

Data centers are crucial to your business and how you store and retrieve data. Your data hardware supports your business applications and activities, including email and file sharing, CRMs, enterprise resource planning, artificial intelligence, virtual desktops, and more. Without a reliable data center, you leave your entire business at risk.

Each data center may work a little differently, but their overall mission to house and recall data is the same. Traditional infrastructures keep physical servers and networks onsite at your company. Today, you’ll find more data centers in the cloud that must be able to talk to multiple servers to run the applications and processes you need to run your business.

Switches, Modems, Routers, and Cabling

Your data center network primarily comprises equipment that helps move your data through your computers. For example, switches ensure that the data brackets will go to and from the correct location within your computer and networks, much like a giant switchboard works.

Modems are also essential to send information about your network and may need replacement or repair. Modems rely on routers to help servers and computers direct data to the same area. When you walk behind your data center network, you should see physical cables that sometimes help move information between servers and are necessary if there are connectivity issues or you need a reliable backup method to transfer data.


Your data center hardware may also include storage exclusively designated for your data. It could serve as a quick backup during when you need to restore your data during unexpected downtime or hardware issues. Depending on your storage, you may also need cold storage to create a holding bank for data that cannot be deleted. For example, medical or financial records may require cold storage to protect sensitive data.


Servers perform critical tasks as the brains of your computer or operation. They contain similar components as your standard home or office computers, but servers can usually withstand more stress and rigor. They typically perform lightning-fast tasks with fewer moving parts to efficiently perform the job at hand.

Look Ahead

Data centers are becoming less focused on hardware to function, and instead, turning to virtual components are more common. However, you still need a team of seasoned technicians to perform remote diagnostics and dispatch a technician to address any issues before you compromise the integrity of your data.

Balata One offers flexible service solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need data center hardware, maintenance, or lifecycle services, we provide proactive and preventative care to protect the integrity of your data.

We provide remote diagnostics and different service levels to dispatch a technician to your business within hours or send the parts you need to get back up and running quickly. We also focus on staying green and recycling, preserving assets, refurbishing, and practicing carbon neutrality whenever possible.

Safeguard Your Data Center Hardware

Are you ready to safeguard your business with storage maintenance solutions? Balata One™ offers server maintenance services from leading experts in the industry with a proactive approach to helping protect and consistently maintain your network. Contact us today to discuss your storage maintenance needs.