Data Center Transition

Your data center is among the most critical components of your business operations. From housing the infrastructure to necessary equipment, it helps process and store your data to run essential applications. But as your business grows, so does your need for additional infrastructure, often requiring a complex data center transition.

Data Center Transition is the process that moves every aspect of your data center from one location to another. It may also include upgrading your equipment or migrating to an entirely new platform. Even with an experienced IT team in place, the transition is complex and time-consuming that requires a coordinated strategy and seamless execution to ensure your most critical systems stay up and running.

Why Perform a Data Center Transition?

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Beyond business growth and expansion that could require more space and power to accommodate additional infrastructure, there are several reasons why businesses need a new or updated data center:

Equipment Upgrades

Technology advances faster than most businesses can keep up with, requiring upgrades to install the latest hardware and software. When you fail to upgrade and monitor your data center, you leave your business vulnerable to malicious attacks or viruses that enter your infrastructure through outdated plugins and neglected updates.

Cost Reduction

Older data centers quickly become too expensive to maintain and operate. Beyond equipment and software needs, a data center transition often improves your efficiency and productivity. Instead of running multiple systems, you may also be able to downgrade some of your equipment needs. Once your transfer is complete, Balata One™ can assist with safely wiping your old hardware and servers and make recommendations on refurbished options that could improve your operational budget.

Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for unexpected events or a disaster? A data center transition could help strengthen your disaster recovery abilities to keep your business running and protect your uptime.

Take the next steps toward a data center transition with some of these critical steps to safeguard your business from the start.

Assessment and Planning

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Before you perform a data center transition, you need to assess its current environment and determine your needs and requirements. Your team also needs to evaluate the equipment, applications, and infrastructure that needs to be reassigned to a new area, upgraded, or decommissioned.

Design and Architecture

After you establish the business requirements of your data center, you also need a team to design its infrastructure. The process should include the appropriate hardware, software, and network you need to configure your new center. In situations where older hardware and servers are no longer required, Balata One™ can also safely decommission the equipment and recycle it to lessen your environmental impact.

Implementation and Data Migration

Once your design and architecture are in place, it’s time to safely implement and migrate your new data, applications, and infrastructure from your old data center to the new one. The experts at Balata One™ can handle the complex process and ensure it’s safely executed and monitored to protect your business.

Testing and Validation

After the migration and data center transition is complete, it still needs to be validated and tested to ensure everything is working correctly and your applications and infrastructure are operating appropriately. It’s crucial to work with a reputable and experienced provider that can guide them through the process. Balata One™ comes to the industry with decades of expertise in data center design, implementation, and management for a successful transition.

We can also continue monitoring your data center and make proactive recommendations quickly to make any necessary repairs. Whether you prefer remote assistance or a technician dispatched to your business within hours, we offer flexible service packages to align with the unique needs of your business.

Next Steps for Your Data Center Transition

When you’re ready to expand your business and safeguard your business, you need a data center transition. Balata One™ offers server support and monitoring services from leading experts in the industry. We take a proactive approach to help protect and consistently maintain your network to help optimize your uptime and budget. Contact us today to discuss your needs.