Data Hardware Solutions

Data Hardware Solutions are the physical equipment or devices used for storing, processing, and retrieving data. Beyond just installing the proper hardware, you need a proactive approach to managing your IT and how it impacts the rest of your network and the integrity of your business. Although your specific hardware depends on the needs of your company, it’s still a critical part of protecting your most valuable data.

Your data and network may seem complicated, but the immediate needs are simple: Your business needs data hardware solutions to ensure your data stays secure. Leaving it up to your IT team may work fine, provided they’re experts in the field and can focus exclusively on your hardware and how it connects to the rest of your business. Otherwise, you need the help of industry experts that have literally written the book on hardware and data protection.

Why Do You Need Data Hardware Solutions?

Data hardware solutions are a cornerstone of your business, with servers and data centers being crucial to your company and how efficiently you can store and retrieve data. Your hardware is an essential part of how your team functions, especially if you use applications, share files, and work with CRMs and enterprise planning software. When your hardware is faulty or mismanaged, you’re risking your productivity and the ability to secure sensitive information and data.

Although your data needs are unique to your individual business, they still house and recall the stored information in a similar manner. Your business needs a data center that can integrate with different areas of your network and servers. However, the more expansive and complex your hardware, the greater the need for a team of experts for remote monitoring, on-site repairs, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Data Storage

Your data storage solutions embody the storage designated to keep your data safe. Without regular maintenance and proactive care, your entire business could go offline and impact your bottom line. A complete backup can also help save your business from the unexpected. Depending on your industry and the type of data you handle, you may also need cold storage solutions. For example, data in healthcare and financial industries often require permanent backups to protect sensitive data.

Switches, Modems, Routers, and Cabling

Part of your data hardware solutions will include the equipment that helps your data and information pass from the server and network to your devices. Similar to a switchboard that keeps your data moving, one of the critical components of your equipment includes switches to get your data to the correct location.

Your business also relies on modems to send information from your network to your third-party team about potential issues. However, your modem needs routers to help your computer and server access and process data. If you look at your hardware or entire data center network, you’ll see cables and other equipment powering your business. Without a reliable backup method, you risk going offline without a way to quickly recover.

Data Center Servers

Your server is more than a processing center; but serves as the brain of your computer or network. You may recognize that they look similar to computers or a home office but are actually a powerful storing house of how your data is processed. Every time you recall data, your servers are working to provide a near-instantaneous response to executing the request.

Stay Proactive

Despite the physical nature of your hardware, you still need an efficient cloud system and ongoing monitoring. The team at Balata One™ offers flexible service solutions to meet your needs, all with a focus on proactive and preventative care. Balata One™ safeguards your business while performing remote diagnostics and dispatch a technician to address any issues before you compromise the integrity of your data.

Our technicians have written manuals for some of the most renowned platforms and complex hardware systems on the market. Depending on your needs, we also offer certified refurbished hardware that helps you save without compromising on quality. We provide all of the major network OEMs, including CISCO, JUNIPER HP, IBM, DELL, BROCADE, and more.

Get Data Hardware Solutions

Are you ready to secure your data hardware solutions with a team of experts? Balata One™ offers data hardware solutions from leading experts in the industry with a proactive approach to helping protect and consistently maintain your network. Contact us today to discuss your storage maintenance needs.