Data Storage Management

According to Forbes, 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone, with 2.5 quintillion of data created daily. It’s no secret the sheer volume of data generated year-over-year has skyrocketed, making data storage management more crucial than ever. However, exponential data growth also demands an efficient and secure storage management system to secure your business.

What is Data Storage Management?

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Data storage management embodies all of the strategies and techniques a person or business uses to store, organize, protect, and retrieve data throughout its lifecycle. There are several data storage types to choose from, starting with RAM or primary storage. Secondary storage options are also necessary to safely secure your data, which may include hard disk drives and external drives. Tertiary storage could mean using tape drives for data that must be stored but not regularly accessed. Each type of storage option serves a purpose from speed to capacity and budget.

What Is Storage Hierarchy?

Your data storage hierarchy is the idea that a business or person has so many storage types they need to be prioritized and categorized in order of importance. High-speed storage is usually at the top of a hierarchy, and low-capacity storage (or cache memory) is at the bottom. Balata One™ can help optimize storage to quickly access your frequently used data and create lower capacity tiers for other needs. The results lead to a more efficient way to work.

What to Know About Data Growth

The ongoing, explosive growth of data poses challenges to your business’s storage capacity and ability to scale. It’s more than just gathering suitable drives and storage to meet your current demands. Your company must also proactively anticipate future data requirements, expansion plans, and budget to implement the appropriate data storage management solutions. Otherwise, you could experience a loss of productivity or face security concerns over aging or outdated storage.

Is Your Data Secure?

Data storage management should safeguard your business, ad not just anticipate your data needs. Unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats could lead to millions in lost revenue and uptime. Balata One™ helps identify your data’s weaknesses and takes robust security measures to resolve the issue, including encryption, access controls, and regular backups to protect your most sensitive data.

Do You Have a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan?

In today’s digital world, every sized business needs a data backup and disaster recovery plan. Data storage management should regularly back up your data on autopilot and ensure its ongoing integrity. In the event of a hardware failure or cyberattack, the data should be readily available and keep your business running seamlessly.

Do You Regularly Monitor and Optimize Data Performance?

Your data storage management solutions should include continuous monitoring of your storage systems. Balata One™ identifies data issues that lead to performance bottlenecks. By analyzing storage usage patterns and optimizing configurations, our team of expert technicians improves your business’ efficiency and productivity.

Our team also helps leverage automation and policy-based management to simplify your business’ most routine data tasks. With automated data lifecycle management, your business’s most valuable data is streamlined and organized for optimal use. The results are a more consistent, cohesive use of your applications and data storage.

Next Steps for Your Data Storage Management

Efficient and secure data storage management is crucial to your organization’s IT infrastructure. It’s rare for any business to have a dedicated, in-house IT team who can take a proactive approach to data storage, anticipate scalability, monitor for intrusions, and stay on top of the emerging trends of your data. Instead of over-taxing your team, turn to the experts at Balata One™ for all your storage data management needs. We offer flexible packages and options with plans for data monitoring, remote diagnostics, or deploying a technician to your business within hours. Contact us today to discuss your business and data needs.