IBM Server Support

If you’re using IBM servers and other products, you need IBM Server Support. It’s true IBM offers its own robust support, but its business model has evolved and shifted to prioritize researching, developing, and selling more products. They’re not as interested in preserving the lifespan of their current servers and hardware post-warranty and instead want to keep upgrading you to their latest releases.

In some situations, investing in new IBM servers and hardware may be appropriate. However, you can usually leverage the help of IBM server support with a third-party provider. Here’s how Balata One™ helps improve your operations, decreases downtime, and reduces your costs.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Servers

Balata One™ works with the best brands in the business, from IBM to Cisco, Hewlett Packard, NetApp, and more. We make sure all of your servers and hardware components work seamlessly to keep your business up and running. Beyond maximizing the potential of your servers, we also take a proactive approach to make sure they’re working the best they possibly can post-warranty while protecting your data.

Once your warranty expires, Balata One™ can provide ongoing services and solutions to extend the life of your server. However, if you do need a server replacement, our team can help you decommission and safely wipe the data off of your servers. Our team can also recycle your hardware to reduce your environmental impact or suggest refurbished replacements to help reduce your costs. Or you may need cold storage solutions to safeguard critical data that can’t be destroyed, such as businesses in the healthcare industry.

Optimize Your Budget

IBM’s servers are usually high-quality and valuable to your business. They take up less space than other rack-mounted solutions and often prove more robust than the competition. You know you’re getting great value when you invest in IBM servers and related products.

However, the service plans IBM offers are usually pricey and don’t always make sense for your business. Depending on your servers and equipment, a traditional IBM service plan may not account for the other products used in your data center. For example, if you’re using a wide variety of platforms and IBM’s direct competitors, you may not find the support components you need to ensure all of your products are “talking” to each other and working correctly.

When you work with Balata One™, you enjoy peace of mind that all of your products, hardware, and servers are being taken care of. Our team of experts takes a proactive approach to IBM service support to safeguard your business. Instead of carrying multiple service plans, Balata One takes care of your server, hardware, and network-related needs to protect your data and keep your business running seamlessly.

Receive Immediate Support

Depending. on your IBM service plan, you may not get the sense of urgency you need to resolve the most critical issues. Or you may not have the flexibility in service plans you need for your business. Balata One™ provides multiple tiers of support ranging from remote diagnostics and shipped parts to your doorstep to dispatching technicians to your business within hours.

In the event you need new hardware or products, we also offer rental and leases for your short-term infrastructure needs. We provide short-term hardware needs from one to 12 months as your go-to resource when you need help during the peak seasons, mitigate supply chain issues, and establish proof of concepts or benchmarking.

Get IBM Server Support

Are you ready to safeguard your servers? Balata One™ offers IBM server support and monitoring services from leading experts in the industry. We take a proactive approach to help protect and consistently maintain your network to help optimize your uptime and budget. Contact us today to discuss your needs.