IT Asset Disposition Services

If you need to dispose of your old equipment or excess IT hardware, you need IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD). However, simply throwing out equipment is potentially dangerous to the environment and your business. Sensitive data and proprietary information must be handled carefully and while adhering industry standards. Partnering with the right company for IT Asset Disposition Services can help maximize your return on your decommissioned equipment safely and securely.

Why Do Businesses Need IT Asset Disposition Services?

Data security is among the most critical aspects of why a company needs reputable IT Asset Disposition Services. Sensitive data must be properly erased or destroyed before equipment is disposed of. The process could require physically destroying hard drives or relying on software to thoroughly clean and wipe your data.

Some industries impose strict compliance with data and electronic equipment disposable. A qualified IT Asset Disposition Services can assist with industry standards to keep your business compliant.

Asset recovery is also a cornerstone of IT Asset Disposition Services. We determine whether or not we can resell or repurpose your equipment to help offset the costs and reduce unnecessary waste. In other situations, we may recycle the equipment to prevent e-waste in landfills.

After determining the best route for your equipment, we provide comprehensive reports on how the equipment was disposed of and how we erased or handled the data, which may also be a necessary part of your industry’s regulatory compliance.

How Our ITAD Process Works

We provide a straightforward and actionable process to execute our ITAD services. After completing a questionnaire, we send back a quote within 24 hours and confirm the project with a PO for our white glove services. We will also send your team the names of our technicians and specialists within 24 hours to secure any necessary clearance.

Once our white glove team is onsite, they will work to decommission your equipment and complete any onsite services. Next, we’ll securely ship out your equipment to our regional facilities with GPS tracking if needed. We take the integrity of your data seriously and place the equipment in a secured quarantine cage until your data is erased or destroyed.

Our full reporting and audit will detail what data was erased and destroyed and the buyback value within 30 days for domestic services or 60 business days for international. Your company will receive a PO for the erasure and destructive services, and we provide a PO for the backpack value of any equipment (as applicable.

Why Work with Balata Data on ITAD?

Balata Data provides more than IT Asset Disposition Services; we also adhere to the highest industry standards and our core values. We focus on staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions in ITAD to improve and innovate our processes to honor the integrity of your business. Contact us today to learn more about ITAD services.