IT Hardware Solutions

IT hardware solutions play a vital role in ensuring your business stays safe and proactive with all of the necessary technology and equipment. The operational needs of your business may be crucial, but that doesn’t mean your IT department can keep up with the ongoing demands. You also need around-the-clock monitoring and response with the help of IT hardware solutions and Balata One™.

What Are IT Hardware Solutions?

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IT Hardware Solutions relate to the physical components of your computer system, which may include all of your servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, and more. They’re all essential to your day-to-day operations, and any hardware issues could potentially disrupt your business.

When your hardware breaks down or needs updating, it’s challenging to know if you need a full replacement, a simple fix, or another solution that could save time and money. Businesses need robust monitoring that can proactively predict your hardware needs instead of waiting until there’s a crisis.

Why Outsource Your IT Hardware Needs?

Outsourcing IT hardware solutions gives you immediate access to the latest technology without the need for a significant outlay of cash and expenditures. You need more than an IT department that deals with connectivity issues and keeping your systems up and running. You also need the expertise of a third-party provider that builds its business on keeping up with the latest trends and advancements in hardware technology.

Balata One™ is more than a team of IT technicians and specialists; we’ve literally written the manual on some of the biggest platforms and hardware components on the market. Our team offers the IT support you need, from hardware solutions to network troubleshooting, to ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible and any issues are resolved promptly.

Our levels of support range from remote diagnostics and shipped parts to a technician deployed and at your business within hours. We take the guesswork out of your hardware needs and handle your IT issues from start to finish.

Will Outsourcing Save Money?

Managing complex computer systems and components can get expensive quickly, but your IT hardware solution needs don’t have to be. We provide a range of price points and services to align with the unique needs of your business. You’ll stretch your IT infrastructure budget further by leveraging Balata One’s certified refurbished custom configurations.

Our team provides you with the best servers, storage, and networking parts that are fully configured, tested, and ready to ship. We also supply you with a 90-day standard warranty to bolster your confidence in our thoroughly tested and configured hardware that’s all passed a 10-point quality inspection check. It’s all the assurance you want at a more affordable price point.

Enjoy Peace of Mind and Assurance

Balata One™ knows better than anyone that some of your most valuable assets are your hardware and data it helps store and protect. That’s why we provide a 10-point inspection to ensure everything is handled precisely and carefully. Our process involves an audit and inspection, followed by rigorous testing down to quality check and packing, and shipment. We ensure that everything you need for your business is configured correctly and rechecked for completeness, down to the quality check.

Our goal is to provide the best hardware solutions and technology possible to our customers. We also foster dedicated distribution lanes to source your hardware solution as quickly and cost effectively as possible to supply the full configurations, upgrades, and short-term solutions you need.

Get IT Hardware Solutions

When you’re ready to safeguard your business, you need IT hardware solutions. Balata One™ offers server support and monitoring services from leading experts in the industry. We take a proactive approach to help protect and consistently maintain your network to help optimize your uptime and budget. Contact us today to discuss your needs.