Server Management and Monitoring Services

Server Management and Monitoring Services help oversee and maintain a server’s health, security, and performance to keep your company running as efficiently as possible. Your in-house IT team can provide these services, but they need the staff availability to focus solely on these issues to take a proactive approach to your server management needs. For large companies or anyone who wants to safeguard their operations and data, you need the expert help from Balata One™.

Server Management Solutions

Server management tasks include setting up and configuring multiple servers, installing software updates and patches, and managing fluctuating user accounts and permissions. Your permissions and passwords should change whenever a person is hired, changes departments, or is let go from a company. The credentials of contractors with access to your systems should also change whenever their services are completed. Our goal is to keep your business running while reducing the complexities of your infrastructure and installations.

One of the most essential components of server management and monitoring services is capacity planning to better serve your shareholders and the needs of your customers. You want your servers to have enough room to accommodate traffic surges and conflicting demands, but this can also make it challenging to allocate appropriate staff and supplies to meet the needs. The experts at Balata One™ provide unique server management solutions to help fit the needs of your business. We quickly gather insights about your hardware needs and availability or software license expirations and patches.

Server Monitoring Services

Beyond server management, you also need ongoing monitoring solutions for continuous surveillance to detect and address issues. Monitoring also takes a proactive approach to stop the problems in their tracks before they compromise your data and business. Depending on your business, Balata One™ may use tools that take a look at page reading and writing, processing queues, and available memory. While your teams focus on their zone of genius, we work behind the scenes to provide seamless monitoring servers to protect your most critical data and assets.

As we monitor your servers, we can make necessary recommendations to upgrade and handle heavier workloads. You may need new hardware, short-term rentals, or refurbished equipment to align with your budget. We also help businesses with lifecycle services that help decommission and mitigate risks. From eco-friendly recycling to streamlining consolidations, we help safely move and sanitize your data and hardware.

Flexible Service Plans

Your server management and monitoring services should fit the needs of your business. Balata One™ provides flexible support solutions to help accurately identify your maintenance needs and necessary solutions. We offer plans that blend remote diagnosis and on-site repairs within hours. We can send out parts to be installed by your IT team or provide around-the-clock support to dispatch technicians immediately.

Key Support

Your server management and monitoring services should offer all of the features you need to succeed and protect your data. Balata One™ earned a 98% first-trip fix success and an average 15-minute engineer callback time. When you need support during business hours, we provide 9 to 5 support service with remote diagnostics and field engineers ready to dispatch the next business day with any appropriate parts.

Above all else, our crucial support features are proactive and solutions-focused. Our team is here to help prevent and solve problems with a proactive approach to maintenance.

Get Server Management and Monitoring Services

Are you ready to secure your servers with a team of experts? Balata One™ offers server management and monitoring services from leading experts in the industry with a proactive approach to helping protect and consistently maintain your network. Contact us today to discuss your storage maintenance needs.