What to Look for in a Storage Maintenance Plan

Any company that uses computers and works online needs secure, reliable online storage. Whether housing basic files or storing sensitive data, your data is at risk when you fail to keep a Storage Maintenance Plan. The larger the business, the more storage you’ll need. However, your most sensitive data is at risk when you fail to keep a Storage Maintenance Plan to ensure your business’s and customers’ safety.

Learn more about why storage maintenance is so essential and what to do to safeguard your business.

Importance of Storage Maintenance

Storage maintenance is a crucial part of your business to proactively address issues before they infiltrate your most valuable assets. Unless you have someone on staff who can focus exclusively on your current data needs, storage, and network, you’re unlikely to notice minor issues before they spiral out of control and negatively impact your business. Depending on the problem, you may need a quick diagnosis to replace storage components, including controllers or hard drives. In some cases, remote diagnostics are also possible. Or you may need a qualified technician dispatched and at your business within hours to address the problem.

Ongoing maintenance identifies potential vulnerabilities across hardware or software and ensures your downtime is as minimal as possible. Depending on your industry, downtime from storage issues could result in fines, loss of clients, or irreparable damage to your reputation.

Why Hire a Company for Third-Party Maintenance Needs?

Storage maintenance requires a dedicated support team to monitor and address issues. Instead of hiring a reliable IT support person and paying benefits and a regular salary, a third-party offers cost savings and can save you money in the long-run.

When you have a team dedicated to storage maintenance, they are not pushing off the problem in favor of other needs in your business. There’s no need to find band-aids and patchwork solutions to keep your storage running to get through a deadline or the next milestone. Balata One™ is focused on safeguarding your storage, protecting your uptime, and taking a proactive approach to your data.

Choose a Company with Credibility

There are scores of storage maintenance companies on the market, but not all have the same industry credibility and a track record for success. We only work with experienced industry professionals who understand storage, network care, maintenance, and data inside and out. Balata One™ works with talented Level 3 and 4 engineers with decades of combined experience and hundreds of certifications.

Our team has also created manuals for some of the world’s most advanced platforms, giving us a unique understanding of maintaining and troubleshooting all of your storage maintenance needs. With rigorous training in place, we come to all of our projects with thorough training and demonstrated experience to protect your storage and resolve any issues.

Enjoy Flexible Service Solutions

Your business is unique, and your storage maintenance solutions should align with your individual needs. Instead of a generic, one-size fits all package for every company out there, Balata One™ offers several support plans.

Our onsite support plan is ideal if you want 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week assistance with a combination of remote diagnostics and a field engineer onsite within 4 hours. We also provide solutions for traditional business hours and next-day onsite support. Or you can choose a remote troubleshooting plan combined with next-business-day parts shipped straight to you. Whichever service support you need, we’re here to help protect your storage and keep your business up and running.

Safeguard Your Business with Storage Maintenance

Are you ready to safeguard your business with storage maintenance solutions? Balata One™ offers server maintenance services from leading experts in the industry with a proactive approach to helping protect and consistently maintain your network. Contact us today to discuss your storage maintenance needs.